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Nature Communications: Researchers from IPS-CAS and Freiburg University collaboratively discover the essential role of influenza A virus NP acetylation on viral growth and replication
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  On 2nd Nov, 2017, Researchers from Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Freiburg Universitypublish the recent research achievement in Nature Communications(Article)titled with “Role of influenza A virus NP acetylation on viral growth and replication” (doi:10.1038/s41467-017-01112-3). This study for the first time discovers the acetylation sites on influenza NP proteins and suggests that virus could mimic epigenetic modifications in eukaryotic cells to regulate ...
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Institut Pasteur of Shanghai discovered a novel mechanism that controls the quantity and quality of mature T cells
  T cell maturation in the thymus requires both positive and negative selections. Positive selection has long been considered as a default process to allow the survival of thymocytes whose T cell receptors (TCR) display intermediate-affinity to self-peptide MHC complexes (self pMHC). In contrast, high affinity of TCRs to self pMHCs triggers negative selection of thymocytes to reinforce cell death through Bim-dependent apoptosis. However, how Bim is regulated downstream of the TCR signaling...
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Open to the Pulic: Asia-Pacific IPIN - Nature Workshop
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ParisTech-CSC PhD Grant - Deadline: December 15, 2017
Pasteur Colloquium-Elite: “Exploiting vulnerabilities in therapeutically recalcitrant HER2 positive breast cancer”
Pasteur Colloquium-Senior: “Characterizing and discovering pathogens in tropical regions with high-risk viral emergences. The example of Gabon platform ( Western Africa)”
Pasteur Colloquium-Senior: “New vaccine strategies using cytomegalovirus”
Pasteur Colloquium-Senior: “TLR4-Mediated Inflammation Promotes Oncogenesis:Complex Interactions of Host,KSHV and Microbiome”
Pasteur Colloquium : “Dissecting the gene regulation network in human germline cells at single-cell and single-base resolution”
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