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Mr. Gourdault-Montagne, Ambassador of France visit IPS

Date:04-02-2016   |   【Print】 【close

Mr. Gourdault-Montagne, Ambassador of France to China, visited IPS on January 29th 2016. He was warmly welcomed by Zhiyuan Zhu, President of CAS Shanghai Branch, Bowei Tang, Secretary General of CPC SIBS, Hong Tang, IPS Director General, Fernando Arenzana, IPS Scientific co-Director, together with the researchers and students of IPS.

Mr. Gourdault-Montagne was very impressed with the growing internationalization of IPS, a sino-french hub for excellent science, translational research and education. He emphasized the great friendship between our two countries in particular in the healthcare field. He also mentioned the sino-french summit in Africa to be held in June 2016. This initiative along the one belt one road national strategy will further reinforce the role of IPS in the biomedical research in China and abroad, as a member of the Pasteur network.

Mr. Gourdault-Montagne also visited the laboratory of Emerging Bacterial Pathogens Unit.


Mr. Gourdault-Montagne, Ambassador of France visit IPS