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Institut Pasteur of Shanghai signs MoU with Italian diagnostics company DiaSorin to promote the research and development of diagnostics tests for infectious diseases in China

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Institut Pasteur of Shanghai (IPS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on May 15th with DiaSorin, Ltd., the Chinese subsidiary of the Italy-based diagnostics company DiaSorin S.p.A. The two organizations will work on a number of projects focusing on the development of new diagnostics tests targeting the Chinese market.

IPS and DiaSorin will pursue this collaboration by establishing a joint laboratory hosted at IPS to develop diagnostics tests and key technologies, and to improve existing tests for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

The MOU was signed by Dr. Carlo Rosa, Chief Executive Officer of DiaSorin S.p.A., Prof. Ralf Altmeyer, Director-General of IPS, and Prof. Sun Bing, Co-Director of the Institute. Following the signing ceremony,DiaSorin visited the laboratories of IPS in charge of vaccinology and antiviral strategies, and the Pathogen Diagnostics Center.

The collaboration between the two organizations will be effective as of July 2014, with the signature of statements of work on development opportunities for Norovirus and human Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

DiaSorin Ltd. is a Chinese company belonging to DiaSorin Group, global leader in the field of in vitro diagnosis founded in 1968 and headquartered in Saluggia, Italy. For over 40 years, DiaSorin Group has been developing outstanding and comprehensive product lines to meet the needs for the clinical diagnosis of ToRCH, infectious diseases, hepatitis, retrovirus, cardiac markers, bone metabolism, oncology, endocrinology, and also has gained access to the molecular diagnostics markets.

Institut Pasteur of Shanghai– Chinese Academy of Sciences is an independent, non-profit life sciences institute to address public health issues in China and the Asian region. IPS creates synergies between Institut Pasteur and CAS networks, leveraging all the assets of Shanghai as one of Asia’s leading business and technology hubs. IPS’s scientists are engaged in a broad range of infectious disease research programs ranging from viral hepatitis, HIV, respiratory infections to virus-induced cancers.

IPS signed a MoU with DiaSorin to promote the research and development collaboration