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CNRS delegation visited IPS to formalize a collaboration project

Date:08-06-2014   |   【Print】 【close

On May 27th ,a CNRS delegation, composed of Catherine Jessus (Director of INSB/CNRS), Bruno Lucas (Associated Scientific Director of INSB/CNRS – Immunology, host pathogenic relation), Franck Pattus (Associated Scientific Director of INSB/CNRS – International relation), Eric Gilson (Director of Research – INSB/CNRS), Thierry Damerval (Director General Delegate of INSERM), and Antoine Mynard (Director of bureau of CNRS in China) visited IPS to formalize a collaboration project between Professor Serge Benichou (CNRS/Institut Cochin) and Professor Paul Zhou (Head of Antiviral Immunity and Genetic Therapy unit at IPS) on “analyzing virus-host interactions for therapeutic targeting of human viral infections”. Both professors agreed to say that this partnership allowed a successful matching between the French and Chinese labs expertise, experimental system and tools.

meeting with CNRS delegation

project discussion