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Mrs. Elbrun Kilmmelman of Pasteur Foundation in New York visited IPS

Date:28-09-2009   |   【Print】 【close

  On Oct.27, Mrs. Elbrun Kimmenman of Pasteur Foundation in New York visited Institut Pasteur of Shanghai (IPS). Dr. Vincent Deubel gave an introduction on the background and progress of IPS to Mrs. Kimmenman. Dr. Deubel also explained the three founders and mechanism of IPS, as well as the position and performance of the Network of Instituts Pasteur in the scientific community. Both Dr. Deubel and Mrs. Kimmeman thought that the Network is unique. The network should have a leader to contact international famous foundations for funding and to manage a collaborative project regarding public health priorities.

  Located in New York City, the Pasteur Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works to introduce the research conducted at the Institut Pasteur to the American public, to develop exchanges between Pasteurian and U.S. scientists, and to raise funds for Pasteurian research.