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French Minister of Health visited Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Nov.21st, 2005

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  Mr.Xavier Bertrand, French Minister of Health and Solidarity visited Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, CAS on 21 Nov., accompanied by Mr. Schuh, French General Consul in Shanghai and delegates from French Ministry of Health and Solidarity. After his visit to the labs and meeting with researchers of IPS, Mr. Bertrand had a short discussion with Pr.Vincent Deubel, Director General of IPS. The issues of the discussion were directly related to IPS research on avian flu, the resources of IPS for research and IPS relationships with international organizations. Pr. Deubel explained IPS involvement on avian flu research through cooperation within SIBS/CAS system and RESPARI program within the network of Instituts Pasteur. Mr. Xavier Bertrand emphasized the importance of international cooperation and would consider mobilizing resources to support the network of Instituts Pasteur including IPS. Pr. Gan Rongxing, Vice-President of SIBS (Shanghai Institutes for Biological Science), Pr. Zang Jingwu, Co-Director of IPS, Pr. Jiang Weihong, Deputy Director of IPS joined the discussion.