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Pasteur-Areva Course on Avian-Borne Human Viruses inaugurated on Nov.3rd

Date:28-09-2009   |   【Print】 【close

  Pasteur-Areva Course on Avian-Borne Human Viruses was inaugurated on Nov.3rd at the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, CAS. More than 60 participants attended the open lecture in the morning. In the afternoon, 20 selected participants are trained for manipulation in the simulate P2 and labs of the training center of Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, supervised by Dr. Vincent Deubel, a well know virologist. The Course will last one week. Epidemiology, biology, molecular biology, pathophysiology, diagnostics and vaccines related to avian-borne human viruses will be described in a comprehensive course taught by renowned experts on bird-borne influenza viruses and flaviviruses. In addition, practical courses on molecular diagnostic methodologies for Influenza and Japanese encephalitis will be dispensed to 20 participants in the training center.