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2nd Biosafety Course held in IPS

Date:28-09-2009   |   【Print】 【close

  The 2nd Biosafety course was held on June 11-14 in Institut Pasteur of Shanghai (IPS). Prof. V. Deubel, Director General of IPS opened the courseon June 11. Dr. Henk Bekedam, WHO representative in China, Mr. Wang Zhongjin, Director for Research and Education of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Health, Dr. Michel Bauderon, Scientific Attaché of the Consulate General of France in Shanghai were present and delivered their warm addresses at the opening ceremony.

  IPS has a strong commitment in training on biosafety. To share the experience in biosafety with national and international microbiologists and managers, it’s the 2nd time that IPS organized the course on biosafety. 9 professors from Australia, China and France provided instructions in effective procedures and practices to sampling, ship, and study biological infected material. Through 4-days of lectures, video show, group discussion and practical training inside labs, participants have learned how to enter and exit P2 and P3 laboratories, how to manipulate pathogens and use safety equipment, how to monitor and maintain biosafety facilities, how to respond to emergencies, techniques of waste management and requirements for biosecurity.

  The participants gave the course very positive feedback. “I learned so much from Dr. Philippe Marianneau. His course was so detailed and informative and attractive…it was great!” “I learned a lot from the course, what I need is more practice.” “This type of training course should be opened annually.”

  The participants of this course were from institutions in China mainland and from the Pasteur network in Hongkong, Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Morocco, New Calidonia and Greece, and also the graduate students from IPS. Thanks to the efforts of all the lecturers, this course has been a very successful one.

  The course was supported by Institut Pasteur in Paris and the Consulate General of France in Shanghai. with participation of With Participation of Dr. Antony Della-Porta, Biosecurity and Biocontainment International Consultants Pty Ltd (Bio2ic), Geelong, Australia.