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Call for 2018 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences - Paris Descartes University/Paris Diderot University Dual-Degree Programs for International Students

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Since 2018, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) has partnered with Paris Descartes University (PDeU) and Paris Diderot University (PDiU) to offer a doctoral program for young scholars to pursue doctoral degree under the supervision of a scientist affiliated with Institut Pasteur of Shanghai (IPS), Chinese Academy of Sciences . 

This program focuses on basic and translational research on infectious diseases (pathogens science, immunology and vaccinology). Selected candidates will register at both UCAS and PDeU or PDiU, and undergo his or her research project mainly at IPS. Subject to satisfactory completion of all agreed program requirements, the two universities (UCAS and PDeU or PDiU) will award a degree of Philosophy Doctor (PhD) separately to the candidate.

Announcement link: 

(English) : http://ecolesdoctorales.parisdescartes.fr/ed157_eng/Various-information/Call-for-bids/Shanghai-Pasteur-Institute-Offer

(French):  http://ecolesdoctorales.parisdescartes.fr/ed157/Divers/Appels-d-offre/Institut-Pasteur-Shanghai