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Secretary LIU Yan and the delegation of STCSM investigated Institut Pasteur of Shanghai

Date:09-11-2020   |   【Print】 【close

In the afternoon of November 2, Mr. LIU Yan, secretary of the Party Committee of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM), and Mr. XIE Wenlan, deputy director and the heads of relevant departments of the STCSM visited the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai - Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS-CAS). A meeting was held to discuss about the Center for Microbes, Development and Health (CMDH), and the establishment of a collaborative innovation platform for infectious disease immunotherapy and diagnostic technologies between IPS-CAS and Fengxian District Government.

During the meeting, Prof. TANG Hong, director general of IPS-CAS, gave a welcome speech and introduced the progress of the Institute's recent scientific research and the introduction of high-end talents. The Chief Scientist of CMDH, Prof. Philippe SANSONETTI, and the executive director, Prof. MENG Guangxun, introduced the positioning of the Center, the construction of research projects and programs, talent recruitment and ongoing progress. Prof. CHAO Yanjie, Alexandre GRASSART, Richard LO-MAN, Parag KUNDU, the newly introduced Chinese or foreign researchers at CMDH presented their research directions and future prospects.

 During the discussion and exchange, the participants discussed the investment, operation and governance model, management and assessment mechanism for the joint construction of the Center and the platforms, as well as the related issues that need to be solved during the preparatory stage of the establishment of the campus in Fengxian with the responsible heads from relevant departments of the STCSM.

 In the concluding remarks, Secretary LIU Yan fully affirmed the significance of the introduction of high talent, the construction of collaborative innovation platforms and the achievements made by IPS-CAS, and said that the STCSM will fully support IPS-CAS’ main relocation to Fengxian District, promote the construction of a collaborative innovation platform for immunotherapy and diagnostic technologies of infectious diseases, support the introduction of top talent in the field of major infectious diseases, support the organization and implementation of major municipal-level special projects in the field of gut microbiology and health and development research, cultivate functional platforms in related fields, and actively cooperate to promote the resolution of the problems encountered in the construction of the current center and platforms to promote the project.

Mr. MENG Xing, director of the Party Committee Office of STCSM, Mr. QU Jieyong, director of the Talent Department, Ms. HUANG Hong, director of the Foreign Expert Service Department, Ms. HE Shangyan, director of the International Cooperation Department, Ms. SONG Yang, director of the Basic Research Department from STCSM, as well as Prof. JIANG Lubin, deputy director, CMDH’s key scientific researchers and managers  of IPS-CAS attended this meeting.

                                       STCSM-CMDH-IPS Meeting

                                               Group Photo