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Institut Pasteur of Shanghai held the Second IPIN Asia-Pacific Teaching Course “Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases”

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The second edition of the Institut Pasteur International Network Course “Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease” was held from 4th to 18th May 2018 at the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, CAS.

This teaching course is a 2-week conference that aims to introduce the different pathogens responsible for major current health challenges through high quality lectures given by world renowned researchers and health professionals. The overall aim of this international course is to provide a comprehensive, integrated view on the pathogenesis of major infectious diseases representing major threatens for global public health, covering aspects of host/vector/pathogen interactions from the perspective of One-Health approaches.

This event gathered 36 students, from 19 countries, who had the opportunity to exchange with the speakers. The panel of professors was composed by world-leader scientists from France, China, Sweden and IPIN.

This event is primarily the result of the dynamism and dedication of the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai who organized the course, invited world renowned researchers and health professionals and ensured logistical support. We are looking forward to welcome students next year for our third edition of the course.