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Delegation of University of Lille Nord-Europe visited Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, CAS

Date:20-04-2018   |   【Print】 【close

On April 3rd, a delegation led by Ms. Kathleen O'Connor - Vice President for International Development of University of Lille Nord-Europe visited the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Prof. Jiang Lubin-Deputy Director of the Institute welcomed the delegation and hosted the meeting.

Prof. Jiang introduced the history, the mission, the orientation, the innovation of scientific research and the education of the Institute to the guests. Aiming at national and international science and technology development strategies, the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai continues to deepen the multilateral cooperation on major epidemic research, prevention and control. As a characteristic of international cooperation research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai is focusing on how to actively play the role of coordination organization of the "Institut Pasteur International Network" Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai has the unique advantages of a wide range of cooperation on postgraduate training program with famous universities at home and abroad.

Ms. Kathleen O'Connor and Mr. Stéphane Thys-Head of International Cooperation of I-SITE University of Lille Nord-Europe also presented the University of Lille Nord-Europe as well as the I-SITE program in the meeting. The University of Lille Nord-Europe is a combination of the former University of Lille 1st, University of Lille 2nd and University of Lille 3rd. And the I-SITE program is a scientific innovation foundation which supports the Initiatives - Science - Innovation – Territories – Economy program. The 14 members of the foundation include the French National Institute of Health, the French National Academy of Sciences, the French National Institute of Agricultural Science and the Institut Pasteur of Lille and so on. The I-SITE program has more than 190 cooperative enterprises, about 15 million euro project funds every year,  and more than 74000 students and 2100 Doctors involved in the projects. In order to become the Europe's top 50 universities within the next 10 years, the Foundation focuses on the "accurate health", the "climate change" and the "human digital technology", with the promotion of the science and technology innovation and talent cultivation strategy.

Both sides have a comprehensive understanding through the discussion and agreed to establish the information communication mechanism to expand further cooperation on the scientific research projects and the cultivation of graduate students.