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Viral hepatitis (Jin ZHONG)

Date:12-02-2017   |   【Print】 【close

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) causes acute and chronic hepatitis and liver cancer, and becomes a major worldwide human health problem. It currently infects more than 170 million people in the world and 38 million people in China. Great progress has been made in the treatment of chronic hepatitis c in recent years. However, due to the lack of HCV vaccine, HCV infection is still threatening public health.

The main interest of my laboratory is to study biology of HCV infection and virus-host interactions at the molecular and cellular levels. The ongoing projects include: 1. Study the functional roles of virus-encoded proteins and host factors in the processes of HCV replication and assembly; 2. Study pathogenesis HCV infection; 3. Study how HCV infection induces and evades host innate immune responses. 4. Develop HCV vaccine. Hopefully by further understanding how the virus prevails during the infection and how the host limits the viral infection, we will be able to find a better way to prevent and treat HCV infection.