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POSITION OPEN:Director-General, Institut Pasteur of Shanghai,Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) invites applications for the position of Director-General of the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, CAS (IPS-CAS).


I. About IPS-CAS

IPS-CAS, an independent legal entity jointly founded by CAS, Institut Pasteur and Shanghai Municipal Government in 2004, focuses on the studies of Virology, Immunology, and Vaccinology etc. IPS-CAS has played an important role in the promotion of science and technology development in China, functioning as the epicenter to promote Sino-French friendship and science/technology cooperation since its inception.

For more information, please visit: http://english.shanghaipasteur.cas.cn/


II. Job description

     1. IPS-CAS practices the responsibility system by the Director General (DG) of the Institute in management. The DG’s responsibility includes the execution of the decisions made by the Board of Directors and CAS, the organization and administration of the overall issues of the Institute including its daily management.

2. Manage the Institute in accordance with the policies decided by the Board of Directors and CAS and within the limits of the annual budget.

3. Define and determine the scientific objectives and issues of research of the Institute under the guidance of the Scientific Advisory Board in consultation with the Scientific Co-Director and manage the research, development, public relation/health and academic activities of the Institute.

4. Prepare the annual budget of the Institute and ensure its submission to the Board of Directors.

5. Prepare the scientific reports and annual report of the Institute and ensure their submission to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.

6. The term of the DG is 5 years and it can be renewed once with the decision/proposal of the Board of Directors and the approval of CAS management.


III. Eligibility

1. Applicants are expected to have the confidence and determination to promote the development of IPS-CAS and achieve its objectives in light of the guiding principles of CAS in the coming years.

2. Should be leaders of integrity, democratic in their style of work, and open to different views.

3. Should have remarkable capacity for strategic thinking, macroscopic decision-making and overall control with an emancipated mind, a spirit of pioneering, innovation and enterprise, and a sense of responsibility.

4. Must hold a doctoral degree and professorship or equivalent in a world-class university or research institution with a globally recognized record of academic accomplishment in basic and applied research in health sciences with particular emphasis in the area of infectious diseases.

5. Their research interest should be in line with the major academic directions of IPS-CAS and in principle they must have around 10 years of experience in leading scientific research projects and managing S&T teams.

6. They shall hold Chinese passport to qualify for the position of legal representative of a state-owned research institute.

7. He or she shall work at IPS-CAS for full time.


III. Application Materials

1. Please fill in the application downloaded from http://www.pe.cas.cn/xwdt/rczp/201504/t20150416_4338307.html

2. Applicants are expected to submit a 3,000- word written report in both Chinese and English, providing:

Ÿ An overview of your experience and information about your major academic achievements.

Ÿ Your understanding of the positioning, philosophy, S&T layout, and strategy for the development of IPS-CAS in light of CAS planning and initiatives.

Ÿ Your advantages and shortcomings.


IV. Application Submission

Please email your applications to the Human Resources Department of CAS and confirm by telephone.


V. Application Deadline

Applications are accepted from April 16 to May 27, 2015.


VI. Contact Information

JI Kuixian or SONG Qi

Human Resources Department, CAS

E-mailkxji@cashq.ac.cn or qsong@cashq.ac.cn

      Tel. 86-10-68597472, or 86-10-68597449
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