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RIIP-Info: Course Molecular Tools and Epidemiology of Tuberculosis 2011-2012, Institut Pasteur, May 21-June 01, 2012
This course is intended for medical doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists and research scientists wishing to consolidate their knowledge in the field of molecular typing of tuberculosis mycobacteria and its clinical, epidemiological and research applications.

The course will be taught in english.

Candidates should have a good knowledge of Mycobacteriology, Molecular Biology, and basic Epidemiology. This full-time course is composed of lectures given by international scientists and of practical classes focused on the use of molecular tools for genotyping of tuberculosis mycobacteria. Topics include: genomics, evolution, diversity and population genetics of tuberculosis mycobacteria, and application to research, clinical laboratory and epidemiology investigations of individual and communitarian concerns. The practical work focuses on the use of basic laboratory equipment, followed by a computer-assisted data analysis.

Full-time, except Saturdays, from May 21, to June 01, 2012 (examinations included)
Number of students: 16
Closing-date for applications: December 15, 2011

For more information: http://www.pasteur.fr/ip/easysite/pasteur/en/teaching/biology-of-micro-organisms/molecular-tools-and-epidemiology-of-tuberculosis
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