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BIT Life Sciences' 2nd World Congress of Vaccine

  Theme: Next Generation Vaccines

  Time: March 24th-26th, 2010

  Venue: Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing, China

  Website: http://www.bitlifesciences.com/wcv2010  

  BIT Life Science’ 2nd Annual World Congress of Vaccine 2010, with a theme of "Next Generation Vaccinesa€? which will be held during March 24th-26th, 2010 at Beijing International Convention Center, China. The Congress will be the largest meeting devoted exclusively to the research on vaccines and will be associated with technologies of infectious and non-infectious diseases in China. On behalf of the organizing committee, we welcome you to deliver a speech at the conference. We hope that the meeting features today’s exciting breakthrough and gathers the experts from all over the world sharing information and discussing emerging vaccine technologies.

  To protect the world from health threats, we need an adequately safe and effective supply of vaccines urgently. BIT Life Sciencesa€?Annual World Congress of Vaccine has become the forum for a state-of-the-art report on the latest progress in the development of vaccines for disease prevention and treatment. Through a series of impassioned and interesting symposiums, expositions, and poster demonstration, the participants will share and discuss their valuable and creative ideas, come to the agreement to be the scientific partners and business collaborators, get the research funding and job opportunities.

  Last WCV in Foshan city has got a great success, which has attracted 400 excellent presentations and more than 800 participants from both industrial and academic areas. The 2nd Congress which will be held in Beijing is in the series. The breathtaking and ambitious program will consist of lectures and presentations selected from submitted abstracts. Coverage includes:

  Track 1: Basic Vaccinology and Modern Vaccine Discovery Technologies

  Track 2: Human Vaccines: Major Infectious Diseases

  Track 3: Human Vaccine: AIDS Vaccine

  Track 4: Human Vaccines: Non-Infectious Diseases

  Track 5: Human Vaccines:-Cancer Vaccines

  Track 6: Public Health, Economics, Safety/Ethic and Regulatory Aspects

  Track 7: Livestock/Veterinary/ Aquaculture Vaccine R & D

  Track 8: Vaccine Bioprocessing, Production and Manufacturing

  As the top one information provider in Life Sciences in China, BIT Life Sciences hopes such an initiative can catalyze the generating One-For-All meeting place of Vaccines not only for Asia but also for the whole world. The three day main conference along with a 2 daysa€?tech tour to the most historical sightseeing place, Xia€?an, will provide you unforgettable meeting experiences in China.

  If you would like to give an oral presentation at this conference, please submit a proposal including a title and brief summary about your recent work in the area of Novel Vaccines. To achieve such a mission, could you provide your precious comments or suggestions, the details about the program are listed at the bottom of the E-mail:

  1. Which session of the track youa€?re most interested in delivering the speech at the scientific program?

  2. What's the speech title you propose?

  3. Do you want to chair/co-organize the session or do you have any rough idea that who you are familiar with can chair/moderate corresponding


  All proposals are subjected to be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the overall quality of the conference. Below is the name of sessions for your reference, or you can visit the website http://www.bitlifesciences.com/wcv2010 for further information.

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