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The implementation regulation on laboratory rotations


· Rotation is a required course of PhD study

· The introduction of rotation course
    1)  Purpose: To obtain the scientific research perceptual knowledge by experiencing one complete testing procedure in a fixed laboratory

    2)  Time: For the freshmen in 5-year master/PhD study programme, should take rotations in 2 laboratories (2-3month/rotation) in the fist semester, and will be given credits of 6 to the qualified students.

    3)  Check: After each rotation, the students should submit written report outlining the meanings of practice, which including the relevant documents; The detailed works the student  himself participated (test and result); The gains in rotation. The research institute should grade to the students by a certain examining level. The highest grade is at 50 scores of one rotation and accordingly, the highest grade is at 100 scores of two rotations. For the student whose grade of two rotations doesn’t exceed over 60 scores, he will be deemed as failure to the achievement requirement and will following other degree curricula’s failure treatment processing to deal with.
·The arrangement of rotation course
    1)   The time for the first rotation will be taken from the date the freshmen join the school to end of November. The second rotation will be taken from early December to early March next year.

    2)  Before the rotations, the research institute will open the supervisors’ information to students and distribute the rotation intention form to students. The supervisors could show his research directions to students by the ways of making reports, communication with students, etc so as to students could select the suitable laboratories.

    3)  The institute will introduce the students’ information to the supervisors who have the recruitment plans for their good reference to accept the students for rotation.

    4)  The students could select his rotation laboratories freely in his own Institute or center, rotation is the supervisor’s one responsibility, the student numbers of two rotations for one supervisor will be at twice of supervisor’s recruitment plan. Each laboratory could accept 3 students for one rotation at one time.

    5)  Fix the rotation laboratories within one week after complete the rotation intention form, and the students must submit the form which confirmed and signed by laboratory supervisor to the management department in the stated time period. After one rotation, the student should submit his rotation summarization report and the laboratory’s comments to the management department.

    6)  The management department will be in charge of all the matters occurred during the rotation procedure.
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