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Regulation on Advisor-student selection
· Principles
    1. All SIBS students and advisors must follow the advisor—student mutual selection rules. Both students and advisors agree jointly on forming a student—advisor relationship.

    2. The goal is to satisfy, within reason, most graduate advisor’ recruitment needs.
· Timeline
    The advisor-student mutual selection process starts as soon as the second round of rotation ends.
· Procedure
    1. The advisor and student fill out the “advisor—student mutual selection form” and sign the form.

    2. In principle, no research group can accept more than 3 students per year (including graduate students outside the MS.-Ph.D. program).

    3. The institute will provide information on advisors and students who have not gotten a mutual partner in the above process to facilitate the completion of the selection procedure.

    4. For those who could not find an advisor, the institute will try to help them. . If this fails. The institute will ask for help from the Graduate Student Management of SIBS.
· Others
    1. The relationship between advisor and student has to be confirmed by the institute.

    2. In principle, this relationship cannot be changed. If irresolvable difference of opinion occurs between the advisor and student, institute will arbitrate and propose solutions, after approval by the director of the institute.
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