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2010 5-year MS-Ph D program
Institute code major research direction recruitment plan
Institut Pasteur of Shanghai 071005 microbiology  Structure - function study on  macromolecular complexes  of  respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza virus causing respiratory infectious  diseases  
Functional study of HCV-encoded proteins
Study of the host cellular factors required for HCV replication
The establishment of new experimental models for HCV infection  
The interactions of HIV-1-Dendritic cell and viral pathogenesis)
 The study of functions of Trithorax gene family in hematopoietic and immune system 
Analysis of mouse infectious models of Human hepatitis C virus (HCV), human enterovirus (HEV), influenza virus (IV)
To study inflammatory factors and TCR signal mediated regulation on the post-translational modulation and dynamic ensemble of FOXP3 complex and their functional roles in Tregs.
To investigate the functional interaction among Tregs and other immune cells in response to HCV infection
Development and immunological research on vaccine for hand-foot-and-mouth disease 
 Research on the strategies of mucosal immunology for HIV 
The mechanism study of ion-channel of SARS and other virus(HIV/HCV) for drug target research
Signal pathways of IFN-α/β study
Develop membrane-bound antibody through semi-chemical synthesis and its application on anti-viral therapy and prevention
The molecular mechanism of tumor virus latent infection
Molecular mechanism of T cell-mediated memory immunity and development of new immunomodulator 
In vitro biochemistry research on polymerase transcription and replication 
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