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Press release
IPS Held its 10th Meeting of International Scientific Advisory Board 2013-11-13
China CDC, WHO and Institut Pasteur of Shanghai start collaboration on Enterovirus 71 2013-10-24
IPS Researchers Identify How Lysine Monomethylation Could Modulate the Anti-viral Function of the... 2013-10-18
IPS Researchers discover new molecular pathway to fight inflammation 2013-08-23
Virology: protecting flu patients from themselves 2013-08-07
IPS researchers discover an immune evasion mechanism in the severe malaria parasite 2013-07-09
Scientists Determine Unusual Architecture of the p7 Channel from Hepatitis C Virus 2013-06-13
Chinese Scientists Discover Drug Resistant Mutations in Severe Cases of H7N9 Infected Individuals 2013-06-06
IPS Researchers find novel molecular mechanism of MLL5 protein in cell cycle regulation 2013-05-08
French President Visits IPS 2013-05-07
IPS researchers identified a new molecular pathway to control inflammation 2013-04-28
Researchers Reveal Viral Pathogenesis during Co-infection of HIV-1 with AIDS-Associated Pathogens 2013-04-19
Researchers elucidate neural-immunol regulatory mechanisms for postoperative cognitive dysfunction 2013-01-18
Researchers identify miRNAs and usRNAs as a novel group of components for KSHV virion 2012-09-20
Outbreak of HFMD in Cambodia: Successful Inter-regional Cooperation between Institut Pasteur of C... 2012-09-20
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