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Positions in The Center for Microbes, Development and Health at Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Institut Pasteur of Shanghai (IPS) is an independent research institution jointly established by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Institut Pasteur and Shanghai Municipal Government. IPS is dedicated to enhancing preparedness and responsiveness to infectious diseases through conducting cutting-edge research and sustained translation of solutions.


IPS has evolved three interdisciplinary research fields that cover pathogen biology, infection and immunity, vaccinology and immune therapy. IPS performs fundamental research on infectious diseases with unmet medical needs, emerging/reemerging viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite infections, immune regulation in metabolic disorders, tumorigenesis and degenerative diseases.


 “The Center for Microbes, Development and Health” headed by Professor Philippe Sansonetti addresses the “post-modern, non-communicable epidemics” emerging in high-income regions, including high susceptibility of newborns to infections, and the developmental defects affecting populations in low-to-middle income regions, the focus being on the etiological role played by the ongoing global degradation of the human-microbial interface.




The center is now seeking outstanding postdoctoral fellows, technicians as well as experienced lab managers.


Position 1Postdoctoral Fellow

Laboratory of Immunity and Pediatric Infectious Diseases (PI: Richard Lo-Man)

Research focus: Impact of microbiota in immune development


-Highly motivated and talented applicant with a PhD, preferably in Immunology or Cell Biology with good skills in molecular biology

-Expertise in Human Immunology is preferred, but not mandatory

-Data mining capabilities and computational skills are highly welcome
-Excellent English communication skills and team spirit are required


Position2: Postdoctoral fellow

Laboratory of Microbiota-Host Interactions (PI: Parag Kundu)

Research field: Stem Cell Biology or Microbiology

With research focus at understanding the inter-communications between the gut microbiota and intestinal stem cells during different phases of life.



-Applicants should have a PhD degree, preferably in the field of host-microbe interactions or stem cell biology with good skills in microbiology / cell biology / cellular signaling

-Motivated applicants should have a broad technical expertise

-Experience in in vivo models systems or gnotobiotics is preferred

-Applicants should be proficient in English communication skills and willing to work as a team


Position3: Postdoctoral fellow

Laboratory of Statistical Genomics of Bacterial Pathogens(PI: Daniel Falush)

Research field: Bioinformatics/evolutionary biology


-Ph.D. in bioinformatics, evolutionary biology or any quantitative discipline

Programming skills

-Willingness to analyze large genomic and metagenomics datasets

-Interest in unlocking biological secrets in the data


Position 4Postdoctoral Fellow

Laboratory of Pathogen discovery and molecular characterizations of viral and bacterial pathogens (PI: Nicolas Berthet)

Research field: High throughput sequencing applied to bacterial and viral genomics 


-Applicants should have a PhD degree in molecular biology and a good knowledge of high throughput sequencing techniques 

-Knowledge of bacterial and/or viral genomics

-Applicants must be motivated and able to work in a team


Position5: Lab Manager of the Center


- Bachelor degree or above

- Excellent English communication skills and team spirit are required

- Having working experience of lab manager is preferred



Please submit your application materials in English including curriculum vitae, and references with ID photo to hrips@ips.ac.cn

This call is valid until the positions are filled.


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