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Core ideas
In September 17th, by the Shanghai Pasteur Research Institute of the national key research and development program of biosafety key technology research and development "for EBOV, MERS-Co, ZIKV, DENV, CHIKV five new unexpected alien disease host and Related biological control technology and product development "project in Shanghai for a one-day opening session. Dr. Ren Xiaobo, Director of Bioinformatics Division, CAS, Dr. Shen, Deputy Director of China National Biotech Group, Mr. Wang Junliang, Vice President of China Academy of Food and Drug Administration, Professor, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences Jianping, Jinan University National "thousands of people plan" Distinguished Professor Liao Huaxin, the national "thousands of people plan" Distinguished experts on the Hai Zerun biological general manager Shi Li, project experts in the field of Capital Medical College quiet, Shanghai Pasteur Institute Assistant Zhong Jin, as well as the project unit representative attended the meeting.

Ren Xiaobo and Zhong Jin delivered speeches, congratulated the project was officially launched, also said that the project will give full support to promote the project team to complete the national key R & D tasks. Project chief scientist, Shanghai Pasteur Institute researcher Jin Xia on the overall design of the project, the distribution of topics, management models were reported. Subsequently, the head of the Shanghai Pasteur Huang Zhong, Wuhan Animal Institute Yan Huimin, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica and other projects on the backbone of their respective technology platform, the relevant preliminary work and the expected assessment indicators were reported.

During the meeting, the hospital, the leadership and external experts on the research direction and research and development goals put forward very constructive suggestions. The meeting stressed the need to focus on the deployment, aggregation of key issues, the joint development of the most promising products and technology platform as the most important goal. In the project management, the project team will be at any time according to the progress of the research and development tasks and tasks to adjust the financial support to ensure that a very short period of time, limited financial support, the output of the most meaningful results, to promote national biosafety Emergency system construction play an important role. 

In recent years with the Ebola, Zhai card and other viruses caused by the epidemic worldwide in the pandemic, the emerging outbreak of foreign disease prevention and control technology and product development become the focus of national disease prevention and control. In response to the country to promote China's bio-security science and technology support to reach the international advanced level of the call, Shanghai Pasteur Institute led the integration of organizations related to virus-related advantages of innovation team, Nanjing University, National Center for Disease Control and Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to focus on research and development of EBOV, MERS-CoV, ZIKV, DENV and CHIKV biological control technology and products, focus on joint research efforts to promote China's infectious disease prevention and control development To make new contributions.