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A senior post-doctoral positionwith competitive package available within the new Group of Emerging Bacterial Pathogens, headed by Prof. Brigitte GICQUEL at the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai

Identification of new anti-mycobacterial drugs and natural resistances to antibiotics

Genetic tools have been instrumental for the study of host-pathogen interactions and the acquisition of drug resistances in tuberculosis. We now aim at using genetic approaches for drug screening and identification of natural resistances to antibiotic candidates. This strategy should provide new antibiotic candidates but also valuable information for the understanding of natural resistance mechanisms preventing drugs with anti-mycobacterial activity to be active against M. tuberculosis complex species.

Approaches will make use of differential sensitivity/resistances of non-pathogenic fast-growing mycobacterial species for screening chemical libraries of compounds. Genetic and genomic approaches will be used for identifying drug targets and natural resistance mechanisms. Preliminary studies performed by the Mycobacterial Genetics Unit at the Institut Pasteur in Paris identified seven leads showing antimycobacterial activity against Myobacterium tuberculosis, thus demonstrating the proof of concept of this strategy.

Works will include drug screening with additional chemical libraries available in Shanghai. Works will be done in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur in Paris, the FUDAN University andseveral National chemical libraries.

We seek individuals with doctoral or post-doctoral experience in one or several of the following fields:

 ·drug screening,

 ·bacterial genetics,

 ·DNA technologies applied to mycobacteria,

 ·bacterial genome analysis,

 ·medicinal chemistry,

 ·structural analysis of macromolecules.

People interested should contact Brigitte Gicquel:


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