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Molecalar imaging


Molecular imaging core facility is an important scientific research platform institute Pasteur of Shanghai, which uses imaging and other means to display the level of tissue, cell and subcellular levels of specific molecules, reflecting the changes in molecular level in vivo, and its biological behavior In the imaging aspects of qualitative and quantitative research. The main task of the facility is to provide the service and technical support for researchers to carry out molecular imaging research, so as to provide the guarantee for the research work and promote the technology transformation of related research results. The facility includes pathological and image analysis , electron microscope analysis and general equipment three parts.

Pathology and image analysis part: The aim is to study the pathogenesis of disease, the development of the law and the body's morphological structure, also the functional changes and disease outcome of the important support sector. The main task is to use pathological histology and optical microscopy equipment for researchers to study tissue and cell morphology and the image analysis.

Electron microscopy part: The main application of transmission electron microscopy of viruses, cells, subcellular organelles, biological macromolecules and complex at multiple scales such as observation and three-dimensional structure analysis to solve important problems in the life sciences to achieve cell biology and structural biology of the organic integration of the Institute of infectious diseases and virology will provide a very important ultrastructural analysis of technical support.

General equipment part: equipped with large-scale separation and analysis equipment, as well as small general equipment, the main task is to provide molecular biology sample preparation and analysis instrument service and technical support for researchers, at the same time to perform personnel training, new instrument display, new technology new methods of promotion and other functions.


Pathology and image analysis part can provide tissue and cell pathological morphology study and image acquisition analysis of related technical services.

Electron microscopy analysis part can provide routine negative sample staining preparation and observation, single particle and electronic tomographic reconstruction data collection and high resolution structural analysis of primary sample selection and other related technical services.

General equipment part can provide routine services such as ultracentrifugation, real-time PCR, protein separation and purification, molecular imaging and other molecular biology services.

Molecular imaging core facility is open to use for internal and external scientific researchers and welcome to use.


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