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Biosafety level 2BSL-2 laboratories are important technology service platform of Institut Pasteur of Shanghai(IPS), which provide the safe and efficient work condition for the scientific experiments of pathogenic microorganisms like virus, bacteria and fungi in both cell level and animal model level. With the support of the laboratories,  IPS researchers undertake research projects from domestic and international official or non-government  funding organizations. Now IPS is developing into one of the significant forces to maintain public hygiene safety and control key infectious diseases.

Facility and instrument  

The biosafety laboratory consists of 20 core work rooms, including 5 animal rooms(1100 cages), and 1 sample conservation room. The facility and instrument can meet most of the requirements for infectious experiments. And the biosafety management devotes itself to developing and improving the laboratory management system continuously.



The laboratory biosafety training courses are designed to help researchers learning and understanding the importance of  laboratory biosafety,  cultivating  and promoting  the capability to work in the laboratory  independently and appropriately.

External service  

Non-IPS researchers are permitted to apply for using the laboratories, receiving biosafety training and other experimental technology service.






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