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Leica TCS SP5 Laser Confocal Microscope

Date:01-12-2016   |   【Print】 【close

Technical Parameters

1. Microscope: Leica DM6000 positive all-electric microscope.

2. Laser: long-life, high-power lasers, including: 405nm laser, 488nm multi-line Ar lasers, 543nm lasers, 633nm lasers;

3. Objective: 10 ×, 20 ×, 40 ×, 63x (oil mirror);

4. Microscope electric Z axis controller: Accuracy 10nm.

5. Piezoelectric ceramic high-speed Z-axis stage: high-precision piezoelectric ceramic Z-axis motor: step precision 4nm, reciprocating accuracy error <0.5%


Technical Application

Leica TCS SP5 is mainly used for tissue and cell fluorescence labeling, three-dimensional image reconstruction analysis; cell biology, ion qualitative, quantitative, timing and location distribution detection.