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Olympus FV1200 High Content Cell Imaging System

Date:01-12-2016   |   【Print】 【close

Technical Parameters:

1. Laser system: LD 405nm, multi-line argon ion laser (488nm), DPSS 559nm, LD 635nm, all the laser by the AOTF control.

2. Five fluorescent confocal channels (three large target surface PMTs and two large target surface-cooled GaAsP detectors) and a well-tuned high-contrast DIC transmission channel.

3. GaAsP detector: QE 45% @ 500-550nm, gain 800,000, dark current 100e / s.

4. Anti-oxidation silver coating XY independent dual scanning galvanometer.

5. Grating spectral, with spectral detection and spectral scanning, spectral resolution, spectral bandwidth adjustment accuracy and spectral resolution of not more than 2nm.

Technology Application:

To observe the intracellular changes of intracellular ion concentration or pH at the subcellular level and to observe and record the physiological activities of the cells in combination with electrophysiological techniques. The three-dimensional space structure, rapid FRAP, light conversion, photoactivation, deconcentration and photogenetics of the observed samples were reconstructed and analyzed by tomography and imaging.