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IPS Held its 10th Meeting of International Scientific Advisory Board

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From October 29th to 31st, Institut Pasteur of Shanghai (IPS) held its 10th meeting of International Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB was established to give advice and evaluation on IPS scientific strategy, research projects, national and international collaboration. The SAB is composed of experts from China and world in the fields related to IPS mission. The objective of this meeting was to review on the strategy and progress of the Institute, and to evaluate 10 principle investigators (PI).

During the meeting, Prof. Ralf Altmeyer, Director General of IPS, on behalf of the Management team, presented to the SAB about the overall progress and outlook of the institute. Prof. Sun Bing, Co-director joined Prof. Altmeyer in answering SAB’s questions. Other reports to the SAB were from 10 PIs for final or interim assessment, 4 PIs on annual progress, and from the Pathogen Diagnostic Center and the Vaccine Center.

After the meeting, the SAB communicated with PIs individually of their comments and suggestions which were valuable for PIs’ future focuses. The SAB shall also provide a written report to the IPS management team.  

Prof. Alberts Osterhaus from Erasmus University and Prof. Hans Klenk of Maburg University co-chaired the meeting. Other members presented at this meeting are: Prof Otto Haller from University of Freiburg, Germany, Prof Gabriel Nunez from University of Michigan, Prof Jeffrey Bergelson from University of Pennsylvania, Prof Takaji Wakita from National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan, Prof Guoping Zhao from Shanghai Institute of Plant physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Profs Li Wu and Linqi Zhang from Tsinghua University, Prof Xiaoping Dong from Chinese Center for Disease Control. 

10th Meeting of International Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
Members of International Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)