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Institut Pasteur and AREVA Foundation sign a new partnership agreement for Aids research

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AREVA Foundation continues to fight Aids alongside the Institut Pasteur in 2011. Two new Institute teams will benefit from the continuing partnership:

·the team led by Professor Olivier Schwartz, who directs the Virus and Immunity Research Unit, and

·the team of Dr. Michaela Müller of the Retroviral Infection Regulation Unit directed by Professor Barré-Sinoussi, Nobel Prize in Medicine.

For both teams, the objective is to understand how HIV causes chronic inflammation of the immune system. The researchers also want to determine how the virus alters the cellular environment to promote its propagation in the organism.

This basic research is accompanied by applied research in areas such as the search for new antiviral drugs and pre-clinical analysis of candidate vaccines.

Institut Pasteur programs supported by AREVA

Ever since it was created, AREVA Foundation has supported the Institut Pasteur’s projects.

These include the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai program concerning the impact of climate change on viral disease. From 2005 to 2010, forums and discussions on the reemergence of infectious disease, disease vectors and the fight against Aids have helped lay the foundations of strategies for combatting emerging diseases.

At the same time, AREVA Foundation is supporting the work of Dr. Florence Buseyne of the Viral Immunopathology Unit at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. This research project centers on the detailed immunology of patients suffering from HIV since childhood. The objective is to improve knowledge of the disease and strengthen therapeutic care for subjects infected at birth.

AREVA Foundation

Since 2003, AREVA’s patronage policy has translated the group's societal commitments and community involvement in countries in which it operates into concrete achievements.

In 2007, AREVA established a corporate foundation that supports aid programs in two key fields:
- health, with emphasis on the fight against Aids and support to patients living with the virus, and
- knowledge sharing, with a commitment to erasing illiteracy and providing access to education.

In 2010, AREVA Foundation helped deploy 35 projects in some 15 countries, including 17 projects led by the group’s employees.


AREVA supplies solutions for carbon-free power generation. With its expertise and know-how, the group is a leading player whose continuous improvement process is the engine for responsible growth.
Ranked first in the global nuclear power industry, AREVA’s unique integrated offering to utilities covers every stage of the fuel cycle, nuclear reactor design and construction, and related services. The group is also expanding considerably in renewable energies – wind, solar, bioenergies, hydrogen and storage – to be one of the top three in this sector worldwide in 2012.
Every day, AREVA’s 48,000 employees cultivate the synergies between these two major carbon-free offers, helping to supply safer, cleaner and more economical energy to the greatest number of people.

About the Institut Pasteur
Created in 1887 by Louis Pasteur, the Institut Pasteur is a private, public-interest foundation and an internationally recognized center for biomedical research. Its mission is to contribute to disease prevention and eradication in France and around the world through scientific and medical research, education and public health programs. Close to 2,600 people work at its Paris campus.
Along with research on living science, a large part of its work is devoted to the study of infectious disease, genetic disease, neuro-degenerative disease and some cancers. The Institut Pasteur is the hub of an international network of 32 institutes on every continent. Ten of its researchers have received the Nobel Prize in Medicine since its establishment.

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