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Institut Pasteur of Shanghai and Hualan Biological Engineering Inc. create joint vaccine research laboratory

Date:20-05-2010   |   【Print】 【close

Shanghai, 27 April 2010. Institut Pasteur of Shanghai (IPS), an Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Hualan Biological Engineering Inc. announce today the creation of a Joint Laboratory for Vaccine Research and Development. The Joint Laboratory is set up at Institut Pasteur of Shanghai and will focus on research for novel vaccines.

The Joint Laboratory is funded by both IPS and Hualan and receives support from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) with a goal to meet the country’s strategic needs for new vaccines and to efficiently translate basic research innovation into products.

Prof. SUN Bing , head of the joint laboratory and co-director of IPS: “IPS is at the forefront of innovation in vaccine research in China. With Hualan we have found the right partner to develop our science to the pre-clinical and clinical stage”.

Mr. AN Kang, the Chairman of Hualan Biological Engineering Inc., “The Hualan and Institut Pasteur of Shanghai compose a strong partnership which is engaged in new vaccine research and production. It will improve our vaccine research and development capability and technology level, speed commercialization to bring benefit to populations at risk.

Prof. Ralf Altmeyer, Director General of IPS: The joint laboratory with Hualan is an example of the institute’s new strategy in translational research. IPS aims to become the partners of choice for partnerships in Infectious Disease research and product development in China.” 

Institut Pasteur Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS) was created in 2004 as a joint venture of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institut Pasteur and the Shanghai Municipal Government. IPS is an independent, non-profit life sciences institute which works to address public health issues in China. IPS creates synergies between the Institut Pasteur and CAS networks. More than 160 scientists are engaged in a broad range of infectious disease research programs ranging from Viral Hepatitis and Respiratory Viruses to virus-induced cancers. 

Hualan biological Engineering Inc, mainly engaged in vaccine R&D, production and sale, has been comprehensively strong in those domains, thus becoming an important pillar of China’s biological products manufacturing sector.