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The 3rd Pasteur-Areva Course on Hepatitic C Virus Successfully Held

Date:10-09-2009   |   【Print】 【close

  The 3rd Pasteur-Areva Course on Hepatitis C Virus, which was under the organization of Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS-CAS), was held successfully on Oct 15th-18th in Shanghai Life Science Information Center.  

  Dr. Vincent Deubel, the Director General of IPS presided the opening ceremony. Mr. YU Xiucheng, on behalf of Dr. CHEN Zhu, the Minister of Health,addressed The kind wishes and congratulations to the Course. He said that Chinese government had always been attaching much importance to the research of infectious diseases. Mr. YU reiterated that it was very crucial to combine the basic research and the translational study. He stressed that we must assimilate the advanced technology from abroad to improve the ability of innovation with self-confidence in China.   

  Mr. DONG Shupei expressed the welcome to all the speakers and experts invited from overseas and China, on behalf of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality. He hoped the experts presented would have extensive communication and discussion over the mechanism, prevention, anti-viral and vaccine development of Hepatitis C, contributing to the battle against this disease which threatens public health over China and the world.   

  Mrs. HAN Hua, the Director of Biomedicine Division of the Bureau of Life Science and Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences was also present at the opening ceremony.

  This Course was organized by Dr. Vincent Deubel and Dr. Jin Zhong of IPS-CAS, with the support from AREVA. The speakers of this course came from the USA, France, Belgium, Japan and China. Their lectures covered the full-range of HCV research including epidemiology, clinical, model systems, molecular virology, immune response and antiviral and vaccine. A workshop on newly established HCV Cell Culture System was also given during this course. All the speakers have been working on HCV for many years and most of them came from leading laboratories on HCV study in the world. More than 80 graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and senior scientists from different institutions in China and from Pasteur International Network participated in the Course. During the course, the participants have had comprehensive communication with the speakers which would greatly help with their own research.  

  More and more participants have been attracted to the Courses organized by IPS in the past few years. These Courses have become a platform for international scientific communication and for the training of young scientists. To follow the cutting edge of the scientific research, to improve the international scientific communication and to cultivate the young innovative talents, IPS-CAS will keep organizing these high level courses and making them more helpful and informative.