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GSK vaccines R&D VP visited IPS

Date:28-09-2009   |   【Print】 【close

  Dr. Jean-Paul PRIEELS, R&D VP and Mr. Pierre DESMONS, Director for partnership from GSK Vaccines visited IPS on o26 Feb. 

  Prof. Ke LAN warmly welcomed their visiting and gave an overall introduction of IPS. Prof. Paul Zhou introduced the on-going vaccine researches and future projects in IPS. He demonstrated the developments of the HA/NA pseudotypes and the VLP-based immunogens, which greatly draw the interests of GSK.

  Dr. PRIEELS introduced GSK Vaccines, including the history, current development in vaccine research, worldwide networks, vaccine business and collaborations. He also introduced the principles of vaccine design using the Malaria vaccine, Tuberculosis vaccine and CD4+ T cell inducing HIV vaccine for examples. In the end, Dr. PRIEELS expressed his willingness to seek collaborations with IPS.