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By the end of 2015, IPS-CAS was strong of over 96 scientists in 24 teams. Early 2016, a new administration team led by Hong Tang, Director-General and Fernando Arenzana, Scientific co-Director joined IPS.

Scientific output of IPS-CAS continues to show a sustained, ascendant line of publications regarding both the quality and impact of papers in peer-reviewed international journals (79 in total in 2015). Notablysome of our novel reported findings lead not only to excellent publications but also to patents with a great potential to develop to practical outcomes and benefit for infectious disease treatment or their prevention.An indicator of this progress is the increasing interest of domestic and global biotech companies to establish partnerships with IPS-CASeither to assess their manufactured products or conduct the crucial basic research that supports the identification and characterization of disease markers or the development of new drugs and vaccines. A paradigm of this activity at the IPS-CAS is the final characterisation of a new drug candidate for the treatment of the paediatric Hand Food and Mouth Disease (HFMD). In January 2015, the institute signed a patent transfer agreement with Honz Pharmaceutical to continue clinical trials and research of this drug candidate. Moreover, other molecules targeting major pathogens, among which malaria, are now ready to enter the pipeline of pre-clinical studies.IPS was also commissioned by Nanjing Galaxy Biopharmaceutical Company to develop the candidates of HCV therapeutic antibody and HCV vaccine. Finally, Based on the excellent research capability of Virus like particles (VLP) vaccine at IPS, Zhifei Biological Company, one of the leading vaccine companies in China, and IPS (Prof Zhong Huang’ group) decided to co-develop a Norovirusesvaccine in April, 2015.

IPS is a member of the International Network of Pasteur Institutes (IPIN) and shares with the other 33 centres of IPIN a triple mission devoted to, basic and translational research on infectious diseases, support and implementation of public health policies and training/teaching of scientists and students. In this frame, a coalition between several Institut Pasteur in Asian zone and Institut Pasteur Paris, coordinated by IPS-CAShas been granted by the TOTAL foundation to collect much-needed epidemiologic data in the hope of defining strategies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of severe forms of HFMD. At the awe of a new phase of IPS international collaborations, the basis for new and tighter links with other IPIN centres has been settled and new projects conducted with IPIN centres in Africa and Asia are in preparation.

Overall, our initiatives towards an extended and intensified international projection converge to comply with the goals of the Pasteur Institutes aimed at promoting multi-centre international collaborations and these of China's “One belt, One road” program.

We are confident that in 2016 the on-going IPS scientific strategies and projects will successfully develop and the objectives fixed by the new direction team will be reached.

Hong TANG                                                                    Fernando ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS

Director General, Ph.D, Professor                                 Scientific co-Director , Ph.D, Professor