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Pasteur Network Talent Award 2019: Call for nomination

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In order to support career development for researchers with high potential within the International Network, Institut Pasteur in pleased to call for nomination to the Pasteur Network Talent Award.

Article 1: Object of the call

The Pasteur Network Talent Award will recognize each year, two (2) talented scientists from the Pasteur International Network demonstrating strong scientific or leadership potential (excepting scientists working at Institut Pasteur in Paris).  

The Award aims at boosting the awardee’s career within institutes which are member of the Institut Pasteur International Network; hence the candidate will belong to any institute of the Network.

Article 2: Prize amount and operating rules

The laureates will receive a certificate attesting their reception at The Pasteur Network Talent Award as well as a financial professional support of ten thousand euros (10.000€) Funds will be paid to the awardee’s host institute. Funding is subject to the receipt of all necessary documents for the wire transfer (in euros).

The financial support is intended to help the candidate to fund his professional training and as such, can cover any expense related to the candidate’s career in the network: development of a research project within the RIIP, mobility, publication costs, training, participation in a course.

Moreover, each Awardee will gain free access to the services offered by the Institut Pasteur career guidance office (MAASCC) at the Human Resources Department.

Article 3: Eligibility - Application form

Only one candidate is eligible per institute. The application must be supported by the director of the nominee’s host institute who can propose only one 1 nominate for his institute.

The Pasteur Network Talent Award is open to any scientist working since at least two (2) years at an institute of the Pasteur international Network (except at Institut Pasteur Paris). The nominee must hold a PhD and be no more than 45 years old.

Article 4: Submission requirements

Applications must be written in English and submitted by the Director of the nominee’s institute no later than June 11th, 2019.

To be eligible, each candidate must be nominated by 2 nominators who will concisely highlight the candidate merits and achievements. One nominator should be an eminent scientist (Head of University or Scientific Institution, member of the Academy of Sciences or other National Scientific Institution, a scientist holding a research chair, a full Professor or an assistant Professor…). The second nominator will be the Director of the nominee’s host institute.

The document must be uploaded as one unique pdf file and sent to the following address: marianne.lucas-hourani@pasteur.fr. The file will be named as follows: “Name of the Institute-Name of the candidate-Talent_Award_2019”.

The applications must use the proposed application form, joined to the call (Application-Talent_Awards-2019).

Incomplete or paper applications will not be considered.

Article 5: Selection process

When deemed necessary, Institut Pasteur reserve the right to ask candidates for additional information in order to evaluate their application.

Candidates must commit themselves not to submit information in their application that is confidential and/or protected by the intellectual property rights of third parties, and not to contravene any rights of third parties.

Article 6: Composition of the selection committee  

The selection committee is composed of 6 members, as follows:

· 4 scientific experts Institut Pasteur, whose the IP member of the COS-RIIP (Comité d’Orientation Scientifique du RIIP)

· One representative from the Department of International Affairs, Institut Pasteur

· One representative of the MAASCC

The Jury members are not paid; their participation is voluntary.

The Jury will meet (either face to face or by videoconference) on July 2019 to evaluate the applications. All discussions during the Jury’s meeting must remain confidential.  

Article 7: Award ceremony  

The laureates will be presented with their award during a ceremony taking place mid-November on the occasion of the Director’s meeting, in Cameroon. The laureates will make a short presentation highlighting their salient scientific results and achievements.

Article 8: Awardees Commitment  

The awardees are expected to participate to the Awards Ceremony and to the other various events related to the Award (travel and accommodation costs will be beared by the ceremony organizers). The awardees will keep the announcement of the Award confidential until the Awards Ceremony and will not contact the media.

Institut Pasteur reserves the right to communicate concerning the Pasteur Network Talent Awards. The awardees agree to be photographed, filmed and interviewed, particularly during the Awards Ceremony. The awardees will not receive any remuneration, compensation for such promotional activities.