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Call for CAS International Cooperation Award for Young Scientists 2018

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CAS International Cooperation Award for Young Scientists 2018 is called for the application and the deadline is Oct. 15th 2018 (Beijing Time).


Initiated in 2011,the CAS International Cooperation Award for Young Scientists (hereinafter referred to Young International Award) is set up to recognize and award international young scientists and their CAS collaborators who have made substantial progress in research and innovation, and to encourage longer-term international partnership among young scientists and a global networking for excellent research. It is also aimed at fostering and promoting the CAS’s science and technology innovation.


Eligibility: The international candidates MUST:


· have citizenship of a nation that has formal diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China;

· be younger than 45 years of age on January 1 in the year of nomination;

· be full-time employees at universities, research institutions or corporate R&D departments of countries other than the People’s Republic of China;


The CAS candidates MUST:

· hold full-time research positions in any CAS affiliates;

· be younger than 45 years of age on January 1 in the year of nomination.


 The cooperation partners MUST have cooperated and achieved at least one of the following outstanding results with a CAS institution being the main holder of intellectual property through their cooperation:


· have obtained internationally recognized innovations in basic research field;  

· have gained key technology, been granted invention patents or implemented high technology transfers;  

· have solved major scientific and technological problems for societal benefits;  

· have provided key technical solutions in development or construction of the CAS big-science facilities and other major equipment.



· Candidates for Young International Award are to be nominated by President, Vice Presidents of the CAS, or CAS Institutions and Bureaus of the headquarters. Nominations from institutions outside the CAS, or from other individuals, or self applications will not be accepted.  

· A Nomination Form for Young International Award and supporting materials should be prepared and submitted by relevant CAS institutions.


Panel Review  

· A Review Panel for Young International Award shall be established, responsible for evaluation and selection of the Awardees.  

· Review results shall be submitted to the President’s executive meeting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for approval.  

· The Bureau of International Cooperation is responsible for coordinating work for the review panel.

· The Young International Award is not divided into different levels. Evaluation and selection shall take place once in a year, and the number of awardees shall be no more than 8 pairs of partners each time, falling into four categories: basic research, biology and bio-technology, resources and environment, and high-technology, with at most 2 pairs for each category. Past recipients are not eligible for new nominations.  

· Final results of the Award shall be informed in written forms to the institutions which have nominated candidates.


Conferring of Award  

· A formal Award-conferring ceremony shall be organized each year, and President (or Vice President) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences shall confer Award Certificates to awardees.  

· In some rare cases, representative(s) authorized by President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences may confer the Award either in or out of China.

The CAS awardees have the priority in applying for the CAS External Cooperation Program; and the international awardees have the priority in applying for the CAS Fellowship for Young International Scientists.


The application shall be submitted to Bureau of International Cooperation by ARP system before Oct. 15th 2018 (Beijing Time). If you have any questions or needs, please kindly contact Ms. Ming LI at liming@ips.ac.cn . Thank you for your attention.