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The 33 institutes belonging to the Network share the same aims, as they work to fight against primarily infectious diseases. United by the same ‘Pasteurian’ spirit and values, they form partnerships and engage in collaborative work for scientific research, training and public health services. 


Membership in the Institut Pasteur International Network is voluntary.


The director of each of the member institutes sits on the Board of Directors and the Council is chaired by the President of the Institut Pasteur. The Council meets once a year and elects twelve representatives to attend the Institut Pasteur General Assembly. The Vice Chair is elected for a term of three years. At Council meetings, the Directors report on progress or problems of joint programs of the International Network in which they are involved and make decisions about implementing new exchanges or collaborations between institutes that express an interest in proposed programs.


The Network Executive Bureau was set up in 2003. It is chaired by the Vice Chair of the Council of Directors and is made up of the directors appointed by the institutes from all regions and the President of the Institut Pasteur.

The Network has a shared budget and each member institute contributes to it. These funds are managed by the Network Executive Bureau and are used to support shared education programs, researcher mobility and the development of scientific strategies. The Network Executive Bureau is responsible for allocating monies from this budget and for monitoring programs financed in this way.


A Charter of Pasteurian values and a Declaration of Pasteurian shared values have been adopted by all members of the Network. All the founding texts of RIIP are grouped into a single document.