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IPS convened Communication Meeting with Foreign PIs

Date:24-06-2022   |   【Print】 【close

Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, the Chinese Academy of Sciences convened the Communication Meeting with non-Chinese PIs on June 22, in a bid to create a cosier atmosphere to facilitate internal communication and work it to its advantages featured with international cooperation. The meeting was centred around collecting opinions and feedbacks from non-Chinese PIs in terms of research difficulties or service by administrative departments. SI Shengli - Secretary of the CPC and Deputy Director, JIANG Lubin - Deputy Director, ZHANG Fan - Secretary for Discipline Inspection, MENG Guangxun from Party Committee, LIU Dongping and ZHANG Xiaoming from the Institute Council, representatives of non-Chinese PIs group, and chiefs from administrative departments and technical service centre also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, lively exchanges and discussions were held on issues such as assisting in applying for research projects, promoting the operation and development of foreign research teams, updating of international travel policies of China, immigration policies and document processing, strengthening cooperation with domestic hospitals, graduates education, and figuring out how to take advantage of the characteristics of infectious disease research and international cooperation. The representatives showed great interest in the CAS special research assistant programme, which will pave the way to channel more human resource to build up a strong research team together with recruiting associate researcher.

Another point came in the backdrop of the global pandemic. Gradual resumption of academic exchanges with international organizations, institutions of Pasteur Network are among top of the list faced with regular control and prevention countermeasures by all PIs, which also constitute indispensably to promote international cooperation. Besides, more potential cooperation opportunities with medical institutions may depend on Institute for research as it will help non-Chinese PIs integrate to domestic research atmosphere with basic resources.

Deputy Director JIANG answered each of the questions raised by foreign representatives, and expressed that the Institute has set up the Office of International Cooperation working its way to better facilitate communication, equipped with a long-term feedback mechanism to serve for international scientific and technological cooperation in a broader way.

In his speech, SI, Party Secretary and Deputy Director, affirmed the effectiveness and significance of the meeting. He went that both China and France attached great importance to the development of the Institute and believed that under the strong leadership of the Party Group of CAS, the Institute would be able to maintain stable and sustainable development. The Institute will further enhance its capability in scientific and orderly management, improve the effectiveness of governance, and look over the shoulder to ensure more innovative research. The Institute will also strive to provide more stable support for the healthy development of Chinese and foreign research teams, and to optimize its administrative services for foreign research teams. He expected that scientists from diversified cultural background will work hand in hand to ride the waves in the ocean of scientific research to highlight again the international cooperation renowned and characteristic for IPS!