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Fernando ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS was awarded “Magnolia Gold Award” by Shanghai Municipality

Date:29-09-2020   |   【Print】 【close

On the afternoon of September 28, Presentation Ceremony of Shanghai “Magnolia Gold Award” in 2020 was held. Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng presented Magnolia Gold Awards to Prof. Fernando ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS, Scientific Co-director of Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy Sciences (IPS-CAS), with a medal and certificate. Xu Kunlin, vice mayor of Shanghai, on behalf of the city government, thanked expats for their contributions. He expressed that all the recipients of the award represented the best of the best in their own industry and especially thank the award winners and the foreign community for working with Shanghai to contain the pandemic COVID-19.

The city also presented to 10 expats from Spain, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, the US, the UK and France, who come from fields including trade, finance, services, science, health care and culture.


                                                  Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng presented Magnolia Gold Awards to Fernando ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS


Prof. ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS made great contribution to promoting the integration of IPS into the global science and technology systems such as France and the European Union, and effectively pushing the cooperation network between IPS and Chinese scientists to Southeast Asia and Africa. He also established stable international talent exchanges, scientific research cooperation, training and education programs, and promoted the institute to participate in more extensive international cooperative research.


Prof. ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS said it was certainly a great honor for him and for IPS-CAS to be awarded with this prestigious and competitive award. He believed that beyond his personal contribution, this prize acknowledged the work accomplished by the Institute Pasteur of Shanghai in the field of science and technology of Life Sciences , and in particular the fighting against infectious diseases, for the health and wellness of citizens and the international projection of Shanghai as a capital of innovative and cutting-edge science and technology.


Prof. ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS loves the city, its life and culture. Shanghai hosts very important research teams of international projection and even world leadership in many fields of Life Sciences. Generously supported by Shanghai’s Government, it is a fascinating place where we find multiple opportunities to collaborate with other research institutions and hospitals. His task was conducted in the framework of the bilateral treaties signed by China and France in 2004 to develop and intensify the preparedness against emerging and re-emerging infectious. And Prof. ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS will continue to do more work and serve the Institut Pasteur and its international network which extends over 25 countries and five continents.


Kunlin XU said Shanghai is continuing its reform and opening up and was going all out to become a global center for finance, trade, shipping and scientific innovation. It is sincere wish that expats can engage more in Shanghai’s development to share Shanghai’s development opportunities. Prof. ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS definitely agreed with this view.

                                                       The winners of the Magnolia Gold Award pose for a group photo with Shanghai officials


Shanghai “Magnolia Gold Award” represents the inclusiveness of Shanghai and is also the highest in recognition of expats’ outstanding contributions to promoting the city’s economic construction, social development and foreign exchanges. Since 1992, 342 foreigners have received the Magnolia Gold Award. This was also the honor that Fernando ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS won after he was awarded "Magnolia Silver Award" in 2018.