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Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement Signed between Institut Pasteur of Shanghai and Shanghai Blood Center

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On the afternoon of August 11, the signing ceremony of the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” between Institut Pasteur of Shanghai Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS) and Shanghai Blood Center (SBC) was held at SBC. Dr. TANG Hong, director of IPS, Dr. JIANG Lubin, deputy director of IPS, Dr. LU Taohong, director of SBC, Dr. ZHU Ziyan, director of Shanghai Institute of Blood Transfusion (affiliated to SBC) and deputy director of SBC, and Dr. WANG Xun, deputy director of SBC attended the signing ceremony. Dr. ZHU Ziyan presided the signing ceremony.


                       (The scene of signing ceremony

On behalf of SBC, Dr. LU Taohong firstly delivered a welcome speech and gave a detailed introduction to the overall situation of SBC. He pointed out that SBC is the unique blood collection and supply service organization in Shanghai, and it is also an industry-leading scientific research institution. SBC not only undertakes the task of using blood for the city’s clinical use and ensuring the safe use of blood, but also has Shanghai Institute of Blood Transfusion to carry out the research on the blood transfusion safety, blood group antigen and gene polymorphism and biological function, immune response mechanism and cell therapy. SBC and IPS have many projects worthy of cooperation in scientific research. It is hoped that the two parties will further strengthen exchanges and learning, starting from the signing of this Agreement, and look for more cooperation focuses. Dr. LU also wished the two sides a smooth cooperation and continuous achievements in scientific research.

Dr. TANG Hong expressed deep admiration for SBC for its social welfare functions, humanistic leadership, and especially the numerous social honors it has obtained. He pointed out that IPS adheres to Pasteur’s development philosophy of “serving public health with excellent scientific research”, is committed to basic and applied basic research on major infectious diseases, and provides scientific and technological support and solutions for the prevention and control of major infectious diseases in China. The cooperation prospects and fields of IPS and SBC are very broad. It is hoped that on the basis of the signing of the Agreement, the two parties will carry out all-round cooperation based on the principle of “Joint promotion, Mutual benefit and Win-win”, and establish Long-term cooperation mechanism. The two sides will utilize the advantages and implement the respective strengths to promote the implementation of the “Healthy Shanghai, Healthy China” strategy.

                (The scene of signing ceremony

After the signing ceremony, Dr. Zhu Ziyan introduced the key scientific research units, the cord blood hematopoietic stem cell bank, the component preparation room, the single collection room and the relevant departments to Dr. TANG Hong and his delegation.

                (Visit of Shanghai Blood Center

Dr. YE Luyi, head of the Department of Molecular Immunohematology of SBC, Mr. LIU Lidong, director of the Office of General Administration of Shanghai Institute of Blood Transfusion, Dr. ZHANG Xiaoming and Dr. MENG Guangxun, representatives of scientific research backbones and researchers of IPS, and Ms. LI Ming, deputy director of the Office of General Administration of IPS, participated in this signing event.