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Chinese Society of Animal Parasitology & Pasteur Colloquium for International Symposium on Malaria Research

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On October 16, 2019, Chinese Society of Animal Parasitology & Pasteur Colloquium held an international symposium on malaria research. Alan Cowman, Associate Director / Professor of science and technology strategy, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of medicine, Australia, Justin Boddy, Director / Associate Professor of Laboratory of infection and immunology, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of medicine, Australia, Zhang Qingfeng, Professor of Tongji University, Wang Jingwen, Professor of Fudan University, Cheng Yang, associate professor of Jiangnan University, and Jiang Lubin, Associate Director / Professor of Pasteur Institute were invited to attend the meeting and made a special report on their research progress in the field of malaria. The host of the meeting is Jiang Lubin, deputy director of the Institute. Director Tang Hong delivered a welcome speech and introduced the development history of Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, CAS to foreign guests. Some of our professors, students, people from other malaria research fields in Shanghai, and four scholars from Iran attended the seminar.


In the morning, two foreign professors made a special report. Professor Alan Cowman made a report on the structure and function of the protein needed in the process of Plasmodium invading the red blood cells, and designed the vaccine according to the protein structure, which is expected to become a candidate target of a new generation of vaccine; Associate Professor Justin Boddy introduced the influence of Plasmodium protein glycosylation on the transmission of Plasmodium in mosquitoes and the toxicity of sporozoites. Mosquito and liver stages are the most important stages of malaria transmission. In two important periods, this study will provide a good basis for the transmission of malaria. The reports of the two professors are vivid and substantial, and they answered questions the audience asked.


In the afternoon, four experts in the field of malaria in China made a special report on their research progress, mainly from the aspects of apparent genetic regulation of pathogenic genes of Plasmodium (Zhang Qingfeng, Jiang Lubin), control of malaria vector mosquitoes (Wang Jingwen), development of malaria vaccine with virus as carrier (Cheng Yang) and development of new generation antimalarial drugs (Jiang Lubin). The results provide new ideas, targets and candidate drugs for malaria control.


Finally, vice director Jiang Lubin expressed his gratitude to the two foreign professors and domestic experts in the field of malaria who had come to the conference and brought wonderful reports, and presented them with the Pasteur medal to express their gratitude and respect.


The "Pasteur Colloquium" is a spirit that promotes Louis Pasteur's scientific and technological innovation to serve the society. It is sponsored by IPS,CAS and regularly invites famous scientists all around the world to Carry out scientific, forward-looking and open scientific research lectures. This lecture is one of the IPS fifteenth anniversary special forums in 2019.