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Zhang Quan met with a delegation led by Mr. Christian Vigouroux, Chairman for Board of Directors of Institut Pasteur

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On October 24,Zhang Quan, Director of the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, met with a delegation led by Mr. Christian Vigouroux, Chairman for Board of Directors of Institut Pasteur. The two sides had a heated exchange and discussion on supporting the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereafter referred to as the “IPS”) in their effort to participate deeply into the construction ofShanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.

During the talks, Mr. Christian Vigouroux introduced the general situation of the Institut Pasteur and the key areas in the future development. He said that the IPS is an important component of the Pasteur International Network Alliance, which plays an increasingly important role in the development of the network, and has made positive contributions to serving the local social and economic development. Prof. Tang Hong, Director General of the IPS, said that IPS has received close attention both from the leaders of China and France since its establishment in 2004. Currently, IPS focuses on the construction of collaborative innovation platform for infectious disease immunotherapy technology - a functional platform of Shanghai Science and Technology Center, actively promotes the recruitment of Professor Philippe SANSONETTI - Shanghai Peak Talent program and the formation of his research team as well as the basic construction of the platform.

Mr. Christian Vigouroux thanked Shanghai as a co-organizer for its long-term support to IPS, and made positive discussions on how China and France could support more effectively the construction work of IPS participating into Health China and Health Shanghai with the relevant departments.

Mr. Zhang Quan said that life sciences and biomedicine are key development areas in the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center. The Pasteur International Network Alliance has a significant advantage in this field and there are many points of cooperation between the strategic development direction and Shanghai Science and technology innovation work including the monitoring of new infectious diseases, drug resistance, artificial intelligence and life sciences interdisciplinary development, attention to population aging and multilateral cooperation between "The Belt and Road Initiative" countries and regions.

Mr. Axel CRUAU - Consul General of France in Shanghai, Mr. Marc JOUAN - Executive Director of the Pasteur International Network Alliance, Mr. Fernando Arenzana - Scientific Co-Directorof IPS and Mr. Lubin JIANG -Deputy Director of IPS also attended the meeting.

The delegation then visited the IPS, discussed with the leading group and Chinese & foreign researchers and learnt the international cooperative scientific research projects in detail including "Asian-African Rainbow Initiative” aimed at prevention, response and Countermeasures of infectious disease outbreaks, “Gold Mine Project”aimed at the discovery and epidemic prediction of pathogens in the Yunnan-Greater Mekong area and the establishment of the Pasteur Institute of Soochow University and so on.