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Nature Conference of "Viral Infection and Immune Response 2018" was successfully held in Shanghai

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From October 12th to 14th, 2018, in order to further promote the worldwide exchange of infection and immune fields, Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences was pleased to present the Nature Conference of “Viral Infection and Immune Response 2018” (VIIR’ 2018) in Shanghai, jointly hosting with Nature Microbiology, Nature Communications, Xuhui District Science and Technology Committee and Shanghai Fenglin Alliance. About 500 relevant fields’ experts and scholars from more than ten different countries and regions including China, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia and Japan attended the conference. Ms. Chen Shiyan, Deputy Governor of Xuhui District in Shanghai, Mr. Chen Yong, Director of Xuhui District Science and Technology Committee and Mr. Lin Fudong, Deputy Director of Xuhui District Development and Reform Commissionattended the opening ceremony.


During the conference, nearly 30 top experts and scholars from global in the fields of epidemiology, virology, immunology and translational medicine gave wonderful speechescentered on topics such as “pathogen discovery and micro ecology, emerging and major infectious diseases, immune system development and differentiation, immune protection and infection abnormal reactions, and immunotherapy”. The experts and participants discussed the frontier dynamics and latest developments in the fields of viral infection and immune response through comprehensive, multi-level, multi-angle, multi-disciplinary and special reports and collective interviews. New strategies and new methodsfor the prevention and control of viral diseases and treatment are provided by discussions, exchanges and cooperation with each other. In addition to the reports of the conference, the oral presentations were also arranged for the posters selected from the abstracts submitted by researchers from more than 30 different research institutions in more than ten countries and regions. The researchers and participants presented the results and product reports of their respective research fieldsin the exhibition, and the participants actively participated in the discussion and strongly resonated through the on-site interaction.


The VIIR’ 2018 conference promoted academic exchanges between experts and scholars at home and abroad in the fields of viral infection and immunity, and helped to promote research in this field and jointly promote the development and transformation of viral infection and immune response in China. It will also contribute to further accelerating the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and the promotion of the “Belt& Road” Initiative.