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Scientific Co-Director of Institut Pasteur of Shanghai wins 2018 Shanghai Magnolia Award

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Prof. Fernando Arenzana, Scientific Co-Director of Institut Pasteur of Shanghai (IPS) wins 2018 Shanghai Magnolia Award. On Sept. 12th, Prof. Arenzana was invited by Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office to attend the Shanghai Municipal “Magnolia Award” Presenting Ceremony. Fifty foreign individuals from nineteen countries were awarded in recognition of their significant contributions to the city.

The winners have all worked in Shanghai for several years, representing fields as diverse as economy and trade, finance, science and technology, education, culture and health. The award, set up in 1989 by Shanghai Municipal Government, specifically recognizes the contributions of Shanghai’s foreign residents, with over a thousand recipients to date.

Prof. Arenzana is a highly distinguished scientist, whose career has been dedicated to pediatric, immunology and infectious disease. He holds many important functions in various scientific councils and committees. Since his appointment by Chinese Academy of Sciences as the Scientific Co-Director of IPS at the end of 2015, he was able to quickly grasp the local culture and has advised successfully many of principle investigators and has actively participated in the restructuration of the institute’s roadmap and approaches in order to make IPS a world-class institute. He has also been keen to assiduously develop education at IPS, one of the Institut Pasteur pillars, by supporting cooperation between UCAS and various French universities, by organizing IPS’ international courses in infectious diseases and by obtaining grants to host prestigious conferences at IPS, such as 2011 Nobel Prize Jules Hoffmann and prominent scientists from French Academy of Sciences and Collège de France. With a strong European background, Prof. Arenzana has been a tremendous asset to the international aspect of IPS and has been truly devoted to his multiple missions. As a former Parisian Pasteurian, Prof. Arenzana is deeply embedded in the Institut Pasteur International Network with which he strives to cooperate for the sake of science and public health. Thus, he has been committed to all international cooperation IPS is engaged in, notably with Institut Pasteur of Dakar in Senegal and other centers of the Institut Pasteur International Network aimed at federating forces against emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.