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A collaborative innovation platform for Infectious Disease Immunology and Treatment Technology is jointly established by Institut Pasteur of Shanghai and Fengxian District Government

Date:24-07-2018   |   【Print】 【close

On July 17, three research platforms were jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Municipality in Shanghai, which include Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Laboratory, the G60 Brain Science and Innovation Base and the Infectious Diseases Immunology and Treatment Technology Collaborative Innovation Platform. Prof. BAI Chunli - President & Secretary General of the CPC of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Mr. YING Yong - Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Committee & Mayor of Shanghai attended, gave a speech and witnessed the ceremony of the signature of the relevant cooperation agreements. Ms. WENG Tiehui - Deputy Mayor of Shanghai and Prof. SHI Erwei - Executive Deputy Director of the Shanghai Zhangjiang Science Center Office also attended the inauguration and signing ceremony.

At the meeting, Prof. TANG Hong – Director General of the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai analyzed the core technology for scientific and technological innovation in the health field from the perspective of national strategic needs, and introduced the construction target and significance of the collaborative innovation platform for Infectious Disease Immunology and Treatment Technology, as well as the overall planning, the construction progress and the institutional mechanism innovation system.

Mr. YING Yong pointed out that life science is an important frontier science field in the world. The establishment of three research platforms will further enrich the high-level innovation power of life science in Shanghai, and will also help Shanghai better serve its national strategy and accelerate its becoming an important node of the global life science innovation network. It is hoped that the three research platforms will benchmark the international advanced level and accelerate the development of a world-class research platform; establish a global vision, make full use of international and domestic innovation resources, accelerate the formation of the opening and efficient collaborative innovation network; enhance the source of innovation, and strive to achieve more domestic major original achievements to fill the gaps in the country; deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, and explore the organizational model, management system and operational mechanism that conform to the law of innovation and the talent growth. Mr. YING Yong said that Shanghai Municipality will continue to strongly support the construction and development of the research platform.  

Prof. BAI Chunli stressed that the field of life and health is one of the most important directions of the new scientific and technological revolution. In Shanghai area, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has gathered a number of leading research institutes in life sciences, pharmacy, and chemistry etc.. They have a group of outstanding scientists facing the international frontier, and have produced a large number of major significant innovation achievements in the important areas facing the country's major needs and people's livelihood. The establishment of the three research platforms and the signing of relevant cooperation agreements are important measures for the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and the Zhangjiang Comprehensive National Science Center. The Chinese Academy of Sciences will continue to play the leading role of the "national team" and fully support the joint construction of various institutions and platforms. Prof. BAI Chunli raised hopes as follows: Firstly, we must deepen our understanding of the mission orientation of the national strategic and technological forces in the new era, and strive to provide high-quality scientific and technological supply; secondly, we must introduce and cultivate the world's top scientists teams to create a talent plateau with global influence; thirdly, we need to actively explore and deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, stimulate the vitality of innovation, enhance the efficiency of innovation, and better enable scientific and technological achievements to serve the main battlefield of the national economy.

The construction of collaborative innovation platform for Infectious Disease Immunology and Treatment Technology is the important measure of Institut Pasteur of Shanghai to implement the “Three Directions” and “Four Leading Actions” policies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to actively integrate into the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Center, to effectively connect the “Healthy China Strategy” and actively serve for the construction of “Healthy Shanghai 2030”. The platform will actively promote the medical research production studying integration synergy innovation, make full use of international innovation resources and elements, establish an innovative consortium, build a cluster of innovative and entrepreneurial talents led by international masters and talented peak cities, and build an international science and education integration base. The platform will build a research, development and clinical research platform to support regional industrial transformation and upgrading, to carry the bio-medical functional platform of Shanghai Science and Technology Center, to promote regional biotechnology innovation, to gather and cultivate globally influential large health industry, and help to promote the China's international competitiveness in infectious disease-related biomedical field.

Representatives of the related departments from Chinese Academy of Sciences including the General Office, the Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education, the Bureau of Major R&D Programs, the Bureau of Facility Support and Budget and the Shanghai branch, and the Directors of the related research institutes as well as the academician experts attended the event.