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Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS) offers graduate programs for both Masters and PhD degrees in the major of Microbiology and the major of Cell biology, along with a Master program in the major of Bio-engineering.


Ever since the establishment of IPS education programs, we have been adjusting and optimizing our discipline layout by focusing on virology, immunology and vaccinology and other core disciplines. Our research effortsfocus,mainly,on major infectious diseases especially emerging and outbreak-related infectious diseases,and we carry out comprehensive researches on pathogenesis, immune responses and disease prevention strategies. We aim to provide solutions forcrucialscientific questions such as the prevention of infectious disease and the development and evaluation of novel vaccines. We are proud of the well-formed discipline layout of our institute.


IPS has developed graduate education system of a high standard, aiming to set up a research-education hub with featured disciplines and international influences, and to train highly qualified talents for basic and applied researches on infectious diseases.

The Education Department is an integrated management department responsible for graduate education, the development of subjects and program, and development and implementation of a quality evaluation system for graduate training. The Department is also in charge of the graduate students management, recruitment, training and graduation, along with degree application/approval, post-graduate employment and alumni association.